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Way to Go, Mike!

Jul 30, 2008 11:33 AM | 0 comments
Так держать, Майк!
Bien hecho, Miguel
Bien fet, Mike!
Tak trzymać, Mike!

Last week, Mayor Bloomberg signed Executive Order 120, requiring every city agency to provide language assistance in the top six languages spoken by New Yorkers.


We’re always happy to hear about more people getting access to important services. It’s been the goal of Central Library’s Multilingual Center since it opened 11 years ago. The MLC helps immigrants adjust to life in the city with free English conversation groups, free computer training in major world languages, and lectures and workshops on citizenship and job training. For learners of English and a dozen other languages, we have a designated workstation for the Rosetta Stone language learning software.


And did we mention the books? Our world language collection includes fiction and non-fiction titles in more than 30 languages, as well as newspapers and magazines. From Allende to Zweig, we’ve got it covered.


To learn more about the Multilingual Center, or to volunteer to host a multilingual conversation group, call 718.230.2417.

Auf Wiedersehen!


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Roll Out the Literary Red Carpet

Jul 28, 2008 9:37 AM | 0 comments

Need some help in finding titles that have made their big premiere in our collection this month? Our expert staff recommends these hot books to compliment this sweltering season:


Descent into Chaos: The United States and the Failure of Nation Building in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia, by Ahmed Rashid

A shocking analysis of the crisis in Pakistan and the renewed radicalism threatening Afghanistan and the West.


Human: The Science Behind What Makes Us Unique, by Michael S. Gazzaniga

One of the world's leading neuroscientists explores how best to understand the human condition by examining the biological, psychological and highly social nature of the species.


Slumberland, by Paul Beatty

A disaffected Los Angeles DJ travels to post-Wall Berlin in search of his transatlantic doppelganger in this novel by an author that has been hailed as one of the best writers of his generation.


The Importance of Being Married, by Gemma Townley

A take on Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, this novel centers on Jessica Wild, a nonbeliever in marriage until she inherits a fortune with the stipulation that she settle down.


Wifeshopping: Stories, by Steven Wingate

A collection of captivating stories featuring American men, love-starved and striving, who try and often fail to connect with women.


Reserve any of these books through our website. Simply click on the title, click the “Request” button, enter your library card information, and pick up your copy at your library!


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Eat, Drink and Be Merry, Brooklyn-Style

Jul 25, 2008 2:03 PM | 1 comment

In the borough of Kings, there are many ways to laze away a summer day; Parks, beaches and air-conditioned movie theaters are great places to stay cool. But for foodies, there are a plethora of places to go to eat, drink and be merry around Brooklyn, including: 

The Red Hook Latino food vendors are up and running again (finally!) this year, serving some of the best – and cheapest – food around. 

Brooklyn Brewery has Friday happy hours and Saturday tasting tours so you can learn about beer as you imbibe it. 

Coney Island offers fun in the sun, especially with the recent opening of Beer Island, a BBQ and beer joint. 

You can get your Chinese food on in Brooklyn’s Chinatown.  

Or if you prefer to dine in rather than eat out, stay home and whip up something tasty from one of BPL's many cookbooks. You can even make your own Brooklyn-inspried dishes by borrowing a title featuring Brooklyn's best recipes.

Do you have other ideas/suggestions of where to go for good grub this weekend? Then tell us about them!

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It Ain’t Over til it’s Over

Jul 23, 2008 3:28 PM | 0 comments

For all you die-hard sports fanatics that think you know all there is to know about the NY Mets, this one’s for you. The first person to successfully post the response  to  all three trivia questions in the comments section will be the envy of all their friends; Brooklyn Public Library will give you a pair of tickets for August 20, to catch one of the last Mets games ever to be played at Shea Stadium.

What year was the first Mets game played at Shea Stadium?
Which two years did the Mets win the World Series title?
When was Mr. Met’s last visit to Brooklyn Public Library?

And for the rest of us who are sports-trivia-challenged, fret not. Join Brooklyn Public Library, New York Public Library and Queens Public Library (QPL) as we continue Summer Reading. Come out to the Long Island City branch of QPL for the Mets Read Aloud on Friday July 25 at 1PM.

Note: Please be sure to include your email address so that we may contact you. Employees of Brooklyn Public Library are not eligible for this contest.

UPDATE: We would like to thank all of the No Shushers that have participated. A winner has been selected. Stay tuned for more contests to come.

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Some Like it Hot

Jul 16, 2008 10:49 AM | 0 comments

Looking for summer's hottest titles? Then check out Express Reads.

Summer's a great time to read today's
bestsellers. And since new titles are highly-coveted, and sometimes difficult to get your hands on, we've implemented Express Reads, a new collection that you can browse and borrow right away.

Designed for casual browsers, and customers who want to avoid
spoiler alerts in the media, Express Reads are bestsellers that cannot be placed on hold. They go from the shelf to your hands and right back to the shelf so all customers have immediate access to the hottest titles. The loan period for Express Reads is seven days which means that even more people will have a chance to borrow David Sedaris' new book, and while everyone's still blogging about it. Beyond that, they can't be renewed, which maximizes the number of readers who will be able to borrow a bestseller while it's still hot.

Can't read a book in seven days? No worries; BPL buys many multiple copies of popular books, some of which can be held through the catalog and borrowed for three weeks. So put your request in now, and if there isn't one available immediately, hopefully when seven days is up, your long-term copy will be ready for pick up, just in time for your long weekend at the beach.

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