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Neighborhood Know-It-All: Breakfast + Lunch = Delicious!

Jan 14, 2009 4:51 PM | 0 comments

There’s something quintessentially “weekend” about going to brunch— it’s so decadent and casual at the same time. Even with a long wait and chaotic atmosphere, brunch with friends, family or a significant other makes the day feel carefree (the mimosas help, too).

BPL staff members had no trouble coming up with their favorite spots for brunching in Brooklyn—here are the top picks. 

Tom’s Restaurant on Washington Avenue: “Even if you have to wait in line, they shower you with goodies like coffee and cookies and whipped-cream-covered berries.” 

Junior’s on Flatbush Avenue: “The food is scrumptious, the service is excellent and the ambience is great.” 

Greenhouse Café in Bay Ridge

Do you have a preferred brunch spot? Tell us where and why.

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All Your (Data)Bases Covered

Jan 9, 2009 9:58 AM | 1 comment

Ever needed to look up an obscure Greek philosopher or listen to a blues song from 1921 in the middle of the night? Go to Articles & Databases page on Brooklyn Public Library’s website and you can! Normally, you would have to pay for a subscription or be in a particular field to have access to these kinds of databases, but using only your library card, you have free access to databases covering a variety of subjects, genres and publications accessible from your home computer.

You can look up an article from The New York Times or another newspaper, find a poem on LitFinder or a periodical in the Chinese Electronic Journal Database, research a new career on Career Cruising or take an online language class on Mango—just to name a fraction of the possibilities. Click on Articles & Databases in the left-hand menu of the BPL homepage and search alphabetically or by subject. All you need to do is enter your account number from your library card!

Is there a database you like that’s not on the list that you think you BPL should add? Write and let us know!

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Neighborhood Know-It-All: Live from Brooklyn!

Jan 8, 2009 12:51 PM | 0 comments

There’s nothing better than an outdoor concert on a warm summer day. Unfortunately, we’re still months from one of those. That doesn’t mean the music is silenced until then. This is Brooklyn after all, once home to Jay-Z, Barbara Streisand and Lena Horne. There are plenty of indoor venues where you can catch live music. Check out the places our staff voted for as the best:


Brooklyn Academy of Music (known to most as BAM): “Not only all types of music, but live performances, plays and different types of dance shows, all for a reasonable price.”


Dweck Center (at Central Library): “A convenient place to hear great music.”


Southpaw: “It’s grungy, but they book great acts.”


Did we forget your favorite place? Let us know!

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See and Be Seen in 2009

Jan 7, 2009 9:17 AM | 0 comments

With the holiday season over and the new year upon us, most folks are anxious to see what’s in store for 2009. Nothing says new year, new you like saving money.  

Macon Library is proud to host Reel I.M.P.A.C.T. Reel I.M.P.A.C.T. (Important Motion Pictures And Critical Thinking) is a film series and discussion inspired by Bedford-Stuyvesant resident, Phelonise Willie. Willie, who will facilitate the discussions, is a writer, artist and movie buff. Both the absence of a Bed-Stuy movie theater and Willie’s love for the cinematic arts stirred her to launch this series.  

The series will be held every first and third Saturday of the month beginning January 3rd. The best part about it- it’s FREE.  

January 17th- Shawshank Redemption

February 7th- Eve’s Bayou

February 21st- Boys Don’t Cry

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