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Books Fit for a King

Jan 14, 2010 5:28 PM | 0 comments

Don’t let another Martin Luther King, Jr., Day go by as simply a day off work or school—delve into the profound and powerful stuff that created this amazing man and one of the most important people’s movements in history.

Why not read actual speeches by fascinating figures such as Malcolm X and John F. Kennedy, or an in-depth look at the pivotal events in Dr. King’s life that forever altered history? Non-fiction portrayals are chock full of excitement and drama, but stories and poems add their own vivid expressions of the time period. Below is a short list of books on the subject you can find at BPL.

Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Dream of Hope by Alice Fleming


The Civil Rights Reader: American Literature from Jim Crow to Reconciliation, edited by Julie Buckner Armstrong and Amy Schmidt


Martin Luther King Jr. (10 Days Series) by David Colbert


Living through the Civil Rights Movement, edited by Charles George 

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New Year's Resolution Solution: Volunteerism

Jan 12, 2010 1:00 PM | 0 comments

At the outset of a new year it is customary to assess the time gone by and that which is still to come. Poised at this intersection is an opportunity for consideration and criticism, for intention and action, in the form of resolutions. This year, as Brooklyn Public Library considers the past and plans for the new, we begin and end at the same place: our volunteers.

Volunteers have created rich centers of discussion and education that reflect the cultural legacies of the borough’s vivid neighborhoods at all 60 locations.  The volunteers at BPL contribute everyday by assisting students with after-school homework, practicing English with new citizens, editing resumes for the unemployed, and by simply reading stories to the young or the mature. Such programs are vital to the library’s success in the community, and must be supplemented with new ideas if BPL is to continue providing innovative services to Brooklyn’s 2.5 million residents.

As we begin 2010, Brooklyn Public Library warmly welcomes volunteer applications from individuals of all backgrounds and expertise who would like to offer their services at one of our neighborhood locations. What better way to give back in 2010!


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New Year’s Resolution Solution #2: Open for Business

Jan 7, 2010 11:19 AM | 0 comments

Have you put off making that resolution? Visit the library and find lots of inspiration for the next big thing you’re going to do this year. Guest blogger Maud Andrew, the Programs and Outreach Specialist at the Business Library, has worked with the Brooklyn business community for over 10 years and some excellent suggestions.

Is 2010 the year you are going to jump in, follow your dream and go for the goal of owning your own business? There’s a lot of talk about the important role entrepreneurs play in our economy, and we thoroughly agree. As you prepare to take the plunge, BPL has the help you need to succeed. Our Business Library offers all kinds of free resources and support. If you want to learn about regulations, identify potential customers, or check out the latest trends in the borough, experienced staff can help you do the research. If you are looking for business advice, there are SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) counselors on hand everyday, ready to discuss your ideas. And if you are looking for financing, our PowerUP! Business Plan competition will not only give you the incentive and the information you need to start a business, but give you the cash!

PowerUP! offers Brooklyn entrepreneurs a chance to win up to $15,000 to start a business. The winners of the 2009 PowerUP! competition will be announced next Tuesday. Join us–it’s a great way to learn about the competition and meet the winners. The 2010 competition launches in March. For more information, visit the PowerUP! webpage. And in the meantime, visit the Business Library!


PowerUP! 2009 Awards Ceremony

Tuesday, January 12, 6 PM

Central Library, Dweck Center

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New Year’s Resolution Solution #1: A New Way of Speaking

Jan 5, 2010 10:56 AM | 0 comments

Have you put off making that resolution? Visit the library and find lots of inspiration for the next big thing you’re going to do this year. To get you started with one, here’s a post written by Frank Xu, manager of Central Library’s Multilingual Center and 16-year staff member of BPL.


If you walk into the Multilingual Center, don’t be surprised by the sounds of Spanish, French, Portuguese and other languages, as if an international event was going on.

Whether you are a new American wishing to learn English, a business person engaged in international trade, a vacationer preparing to travel abroad, or someone who simply enjoys language learning, you can improve your linguistic skills at the Multilingual Center.


We offer conversation groups, which include—in addition to the languages mentioned above—Chinese, English, Italian, Japanese and Russian. All of them are free, without a registration requirement. Students simply walk in and join the conversation facilitated by volunteer teachers.


Your skills can also benefit from our variety of print and audio materials. A computer in the Center is equipped with Rosetta Stone, which can be used to learn English and nine other languages within the library.


For immigrants’ needs, the Center also has U.S. citizenship test tutoring, job search help in Spanish and Chinese, computer classes in Spanish and French, and Russian literary and film series.


We even offer cultural dance workshops! Just give us a call at 718.230.2417 to confirm the schedule.


Last year, nearly 5,000 participants came to the Center’s language conversation groups and other programs, making it a dynamic community center indeed. Just like them, you are welcome to the Center to support the library and to participate in our programs to enrich your life!

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