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A Copyright FAQ for the Library

Jul 27, 2011 2:22 PM | 0 comments

This post comes from Melissa, a librarian here at Brooklyn Public Library.

Have you ever taken a photo, drawn a picture, written a poem, recorded a song, or posted something online? Or, to start with something even easier—have you ever looked at a photo or picture, read a poem, listened to a song, or gone online?

At the library, we know that people want to make sure that their creations are protected from unauthorized reproduction. We also know that people want to use the creations of others in ways that respect the creators' rights. So we have come up with our own creation—a video that goes over some basic copyright concepts.

Registering a copyright? Fair use? Public domain? Using images in homework assignments? We touch on all of these concepts, and more. The accompanying handout and resource list offer links to resources that will answer many more questions than this short video can resolve. Those additional resources also cover related topics such as piracy, publishing, and distribution.

Speaking of copyright, YouTube recently expanded the licensing options for videos posted there, and BPL is now among many creators allowing others to reuse their works via the Creative Commons Attribution license. So take a look, and pass it on.

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Open Computer Workshops at the Central Library

Jul 12, 2011 3:54 PM | 0 comments

This post comes from Jesse, a librarian here at Brooklyn Public Library.

At Central Library, we're trying something a little new this summer. On selected Fridays in July and August at any time from 2 to 4 pm, you can drop in to Room 216 for computer and internet help. These open workshops are for people who need more assistance than what the librarians and technology specialists at the public desks can offer, but who can't or don't want to attend a full class.


Do you want some help using a particular database? Do you want to be able to ask questions while you practice typing or using the mouse? Do you want to talk about how to get started with your research? Do you have gaps in your understanding of how a search engine works? Drop by and we'll work with you.


The next open workshop is this Friday, July 15. Additional dates are listed in the online calendar of events.


Please note that we will not be able to assist with personal laptop issues—we are not computer technicians! As always, computers for independent use are located in the divisions throughout the building.


And don't forget that the popular computer classes, conducted in partnership with New York Caresare still being held twice every Saturday. There's a variety of topics; contact us for details.

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A Vision for New York Libraries

Jul 5, 2011 12:13 PM | 0 comments

This post comes from Melissa, a librarian here at Brooklyn Public Library.

The Regents Advisory Council on Libraries, part of the New York State Library, has set up the 2020 Vision for Libraries Survey for All New Yorkers. This is for you, the public, to fill out so that the Council can continue to work towards "a progressive long-term vision and implementation plan that will ensure that New Yorkers have access to the resources they need to help them succeed, enrich their lives and become engaged citizens." [source]

Interestingly, the one required question on the survey is, "How can library services be extended to those not currently using libraries?" Speaking as a lifelong library user who was so twisted she actually became a librarian, I naturally have to shift my thinking when I consider why New Yorkers might not be taking full advantage of their libraries, public or otherwise. 

It will be illuminating to see how library-friendly non-library workers will answer this question. After all, if you're motivated enough to take this survey, you probably value libraries.


The survey is short—only 9 questions—and will close by August 5.

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