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I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar.

Mar 18, 2008 3:46 PM | 2 comments

March is Women’s History Month!  So of course, you’ve been spending the past few weeks learning everything you can about the great accomplishments of history-making women…

…haven’t you?

Well, if you’re a bit behind on your WHM activities, don’t fret; BPL is a premier location for paying homage to history’s great ladies. Brooklyn has a knack for attracting uber-cool women – Lauren Bacall, Foxy Brown and Shirley Chisolm are just a few of the high-achieving gals who once called the borough home – and your library offers plenty of ways to bone up on women’s amazing contributions to literature, culture, science and more.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a few ideas:

  • Visit the BPL website for links to everything from a Women’s History crossword to lists of fantastic female inventors.
  • Browse the collection for books by renowned female authors.
  • Help us honor Betty Smith, one of Brooklyn’s greatest women writers and author of the classic novel, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, with readings and a bake sale at Leonard Library on March 31. (Bonus fact: Leonard was Betty Smith’s own neighborhood library, and even makes a cameo as a setting in her renowned novel!)
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3/19/2008 7:45:18 PM #

Is Foxy Brown spelled with two "x"'s?  What would a BPL search reveal?


3/21/2008 1:09:42 PM #

@flgirl - a BPL search reveals that Foxy Brown is spelled with one 'x'.  Now that I know that, I can't wait to find out more about these women!  Girl Power!