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Hoop It Up

Mar 24, 2008 9:43 AM | 2 comments

March Madness has descended on the nation, and we’ve got basketball on the brain.

Did you know that UCLA holds the all-time record with 11 NCAA men’s basketball champion- ships? Or that Glen Rice of the University of Michigan scored a record 184 points in the 1989 NCAA Tourna- ment? Or that the Kansas Jayhawk wears shoes so it can kick its opponents?

If you can’t get enough college hoops, check out How March Became Madness: How the NCAA Tournament Became the Greatest Sporting Event in America by Eddie Einhorn and Ron Rapoport. Or click over to BPL’s basketball links. From fundamentals to the Final Four, it’s all right here.

Because now's the time to increase your basketball IQ. The next game isn't until Thursday.

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3/25/2008 5:45:39 PM #

I love the library blog!!  nice work.
I have a suggestion--totally unrelated to basketball--I think of it everytime I log on to reserve some books...soit's on the top of my head:

Wouldn't it be great if patrons could keep an online list, attached to their account page, of books they're interested in/don't want to forget about?  Something like a Netflix Queue, since you can only request 5 books at a time.
I *think* Seattle Public Library does this.

Maybe you can pass this on to the powers that be! Smile

yay BPL!


3/26/2008 12:57:32 PM #

Thanks for the suggestion. We're always looking for new ideas.

Keep 'em coming!