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One Question for Al Pereira

Apr 4, 2008 4:04 PM | 0 comments

Al Pereira’s exhibition of photos of Brooklyn hip-hop artists, Brooklyn Beats, can currently be seen at Coney Island Library until May 1. Afterwards, these photos will travel to other Brooklyn Public Library locations. I asked him to tell me more about his show and his inspiration: 

It’s exciting to have my exhibition moving around Brooklyn Public Library, if only for the chance to give back a little of the flavor it helped inspire. I spent a lot of my down time at the library looking at photography books. Now, I have the chance to inspire someone else who may have their own exhibition one day. That’s pretty cool.

My show big-ups hip-hop made by Brooklynites for the entire world. It’s an important piece of our musical history. From huge names like Jay-Z and Notorious B.I.G. to some of the lesser known ones, each artist is important for their work and contribution to the culture. And, I’ll take any chance to show off the quintessential Brooklyn Rapper, MC Lyte (see above). To me, she is like the Edward G. Robinson of hip-hop, a diminutive firebrand who has been a blueprint to so many others. She’s definitely the Real Deal.

And can you get more Brooklyn than that?

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