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Yeah, I'm The Tax Man

Apr 11, 2008 12:48 PM | 0 comments

Sorry to say, but it's almost April 15. If you've already filed your taxes this year, that's excellent. But if you don't know a Schedule C from a W-9 and the approach of Tax Day fills you with a growing sense of unease, we've got a few good reasons why you don't have to panic:

1) It could be worse. Think of Willie Nelson: 18 years ago, the country music legend got stuck with a $16.7 million bill from the IRS for unpaid back taxesso the government seized his assets and auctioned them off to the public. (Lucky for Willie, most of the items were bought by fans who ultimately returned them.) 

2) You're keeping a legacy alive. Ever since unhappy Bostonians pitched 45 tons of tea into the harbor in protest of taxation without representation, tax-time angst has been an integral part of life as a citizen of the United States. 

3) BPL has your back. Make sure to check out our Tax Guide for information on online filing, local places to get help, and some helpful hints on making sense of all those crazy forms. With help from your library, you'll be done filing your taxes in time to sit back, relax and listen to some musicperhaps Willie Nelson?

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