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Get Mo’ Better at Brooklyn Public Library

May 5, 2008 2:29 PM | 0 comments

What do Joe’s Pub, The Nuyorican Poets Café, and the NYC Department of Education all have in common? Well if you guessed that they have all been privy to the Mo Beasley experience then you have guessed correctly.


As a poet, educator and public speaker, Mo’ Beasley is no stranger to Brooklyn. This long time resident has graced many stages and will be making a stop at Brooklyn Public Library’s Dweck Center. Thanks to the Brooklyn Vanguard, Brooklynites will be treated to an evening of spoken work poetry performed live by Mo Beasley himself on Saturday, May 10th


G-Daddy: A Father's Rage / A Grandfather's Delight By Mo Beasley Essay for the untitled fatherhood anthology (Soft Skull Press 2008)

I am a 38 year old grandfather to an adorable two year old girl named Vanessa. That reality has come to frighten, enrage, and delight me since I first heard "Daddy I'm pregnant." My 19-year-old daughter, Tanya, dropped the news near the end of her freshman year at Spelman College. It was also towards the end of a four year whirlwind as a single parent guiding my "woman child" out of her turbulent teens, through high school, and into the premiere institute of higher learning for African American women. Rage, betrayal and defeat set in when "I'm gonna' do whatever I gotta' do to take care of my baby" and "I did it and she can do it too" were the common replies to this uncommon situation. The replies came from Tanya and her mother Leslie, respectively. It is all too common in poor black families for our daughters to become single/teenage mothers. It was uncommon for Tanya to come live with me when her 15 year old "wildin'" exhausted her mom and step-dad.


For more information about the Brooklyn Vanguard or how to obtain tickets of the event please contact 718.230.2100

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