Brooklyn Public Library


Storm the Plaza

Jun 2, 2008 4:48 PM | 0 comments

Quiet summers are great. But, wouldn’t you rather make some noise at an outdoor concert? Don’t miss the chance to do it…at your library?


It’s true. This month, Central Library’s Free Outdoor Concert Series takes the Plaza by storm once again. On June 7 at 2 PM, enjoy some Latin flavor. Folklore Urbano is a 12-piece ensemble that synthesizes jazz with Colombian folkloric music. Check out music from their first two albums. The Mariachi Academy of New York is dedicated to mariachi, Mexican folk-derived music with passionate vocals, violins and different types of guitar.


Then on June 14 at 2 PM, kick it old school. DJ Kool Herc has been credited as the creator of hip-hop. As a DJ in the 1970s, he took on the then-unique style of break-beat DJ-ing—using two turntables to switch from one beat to another. He is joined by Little Jackie, who blends an old-school R&B sound with a quirky hybrid of hip-hop and pop. Check out her sound.

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