Brooklyn Public Library


No Sweat

Jun 26, 2008 5:15 PM | 0 comments

There’s no better place to stay cool than Brooklyn. 

  • As of June 27, New York City public pools are open again. Visit the Department of Parks & Recreation website to find the one nearest you.  
  • Check out McCarren Park in Williamsburg to enjoy film screenings, concerts and a Slip ‘n Slide.  
  • Brooklyn beaches are worth the trip for the sights, sounds and cool breeze off of the water. Find directions to all beaches here.  
  • Italian ice—or water ice to some—is a great summer treat. For some of the best, give Ralph’s a shot. Check out one of their local locations in Bensonhurst or Williamsburg.  
  • Take a break that’s both cool and enlightening. Stop by an air conditioned branch of your library.
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