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Some Like it Hot

Jul 16, 2008 10:49 AM | 0 comments

Looking for summer's hottest titles? Then check out Express Reads.

Summer's a great time to read today's
bestsellers. And since new titles are highly-coveted, and sometimes difficult to get your hands on, we've implemented Express Reads, a new collection that you can browse and borrow right away.

Designed for casual browsers, and customers who want to avoid
spoiler alerts in the media, Express Reads are bestsellers that cannot be placed on hold. They go from the shelf to your hands and right back to the shelf so all customers have immediate access to the hottest titles. The loan period for Express Reads is seven days which means that even more people will have a chance to borrow David Sedaris' new book, and while everyone's still blogging about it. Beyond that, they can't be renewed, which maximizes the number of readers who will be able to borrow a bestseller while it's still hot.

Can't read a book in seven days? No worries; BPL buys many multiple copies of popular books, some of which can be held through the catalog and borrowed for three weeks. So put your request in now, and if there isn't one available immediately, hopefully when seven days is up, your long-term copy will be ready for pick up, just in time for your long weekend at the beach.

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