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Roll Out the Literary Red Carpet

Jul 28, 2008 9:37 AM | 0 comments

Need some help in finding titles that have made their big premiere in our collection this month? Our expert staff recommends these hot books to compliment this sweltering season:


Descent into Chaos: The United States and the Failure of Nation Building in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia, by Ahmed Rashid

A shocking analysis of the crisis in Pakistan and the renewed radicalism threatening Afghanistan and the West.


Human: The Science Behind What Makes Us Unique, by Michael S. Gazzaniga

One of the world's leading neuroscientists explores how best to understand the human condition by examining the biological, psychological and highly social nature of the species.


Slumberland, by Paul Beatty

A disaffected Los Angeles DJ travels to post-Wall Berlin in search of his transatlantic doppelganger in this novel by an author that has been hailed as one of the best writers of his generation.


The Importance of Being Married, by Gemma Townley

A take on Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, this novel centers on Jessica Wild, a nonbeliever in marriage until she inherits a fortune with the stipulation that she settle down.


Wifeshopping: Stories, by Steven Wingate

A collection of captivating stories featuring American men, love-starved and striving, who try and often fail to connect with women.


Reserve any of these books through our website. Simply click on the title, click the “Request” button, enter your library card information, and pick up your copy at your library!


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