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Monster Mystery Bust?

Aug 11, 2008 3:36 PM | 0 comments

By now, you’ve probably heard of the Montauk Monster. This mysterious story, first broken by Gawker, even made its way to CNN. And though we now have an answer that should send the whole story back out to sea, I think this one is far from over.


I don’t doubt that this is the latest example of an outrageous stunt used to garner attention for a product. Perhaps you’ve recently seen ads for the “Vampire Rights Amendment” or a beverage called “Tru Blood” that promote a new HBO show. Or maybe you were one of the drivers stuck in traffic caused by Ray-Ban’s latest stunt.


But all the cards were revealed on this one suspiciously soon. Supposedly, the Montauk Monster is a promotion for a movie being released in winter 2009. It seems like a miss to crack this Loch Ness-sized mystery so far in advance. And just take a look at the movie’s website. It’s surprisingly limited, especially considering the monstrous stunt behind it.


If you ask me, this “revelation” is just a decoy in what is sure to be a much larger-scale stunt. The jury’s still out on what it could be for, but one thing is for sure. We haven’t had a great mystery like this in quite some time.


Until all is revealed, check out some Brooklyn monsters. Takeshi Yamada, creator of creepy things galore, has a display of work at Coney Island Library that features Halloween curiosities, carnivorous plants and mushrooms, monsters of the Arctic Sea, and many other rare marine animals.

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