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Read! Read! Read!

Sep 12, 2008 4:16 PM | 0 comments

Make your way over to Brooklyn Borough Hall & Plaza this Sunday, September 14 for the 2008 Brooklyn Book Festival, and join in the collective shout-out to the spirit of literature.

The Festival features a full day of author readings, talks and events for all ages and literary interests, with special emphasis on Brooklyn writers. Brooklyn Public Library is presenting two events: “The Ties that Unbind: Marriage, Dissolution and Connection,” featuring authors Phillip Lopate, Andrew Sean Greer, Lore Segal and Kate Christensen; and “Kitchen Table Talk,” with Russian writers, poet Marina Temkina, critic/essayist Aleksander Genis and novelist Pavel Lembersky.


This is a just a tiny sampling of the variety of great programs to see. And if you can’t get there this Sunday, or if you just want more, there’s always literature programs going on at Brooklyn Public Library. So get out there and take up the call!


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