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BPL is Brooklyn’s Neighborhood Know-It-All

Nov 10, 2008 1:33 PM | 5 comments

Brooklynites are tired of people from that other borough telling us what's the best in the city... and inevitably leaving top spots in our beloved borough off the list. With a staff of over 1500 people working in 60 locations across Brooklyn from Bed-Stuy to Brighton Beach and everywhere in between, we think our collective knowledge of the Borough of Kings trumps everyone else's.

So we're doing our own list of the best of the best in Brooklyn, called Neighborhood Know-It-All. And we need your help. Twice a month, we'll post our staff's favorites in the week's topic, and then, we want you to give us your thoughts. Argue with us. Agree with us. Offer other suggestions. However you want to respond is up to you, just be sure to respond, so we have the best of the best listed. We'd also love it if you can offer up topics for our staff to vote on in future surveys.

To kick off the column, this week's survey was on best views. We asked and our staff answered. Here are our top picks for places where you can get the best views in Brooklyn – and why these are our favorites:

1. Brooklyn Heights
Promenade: “Funny thing is that the Manhattan night time skyline looks the best from Brooklyn.” (Right on!) 
2a. Red Hook waterfront (tied for second): “Sitting on the back porch [of Fairway] you can look out at the harbor and Statue of Liberty.”  
2b. Brooklyn Bridge Park (tied for second): “At sunset, you are surrounded by the Manhattan skyline, the Brooklyn & Manhattan bridges and DUMBO – one of the last reminders of Brooklyn’s industrial history. Beautiful.”    

Agree? Disagree? Then tell us about it!
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11/12/2008 11:09:20 AM #

Amen to that!


11/12/2008 11:56:58 AM #

agreed, but for wanting to show off "top spots" that "that other borough" often neglect, i find it ironic that you're beginning with a list of things that tell us where to go to take in views of manhattan.  i think manhattanites realize that they need to cross the river to get the full effect of their home.  so wouldn't it be worthwhile to instead start with a list of things they shouldn't miss while they're over here???


11/12/2008 12:09:58 PM #

Good point, K. Other "best view" spots that staff chose are places where you can get great Brooklyn views, like the Smith/9th subway stop, Brighton Beach ocean views and Owl's Head Park in Bay Ridge. And while they didn't get as many votes as the top three we listed, these are all equally worth checking out!


11/12/2008 8:48:20 PM #

I agree with these. I'd add the 69th St. pier and Shore Promenade in Bay Ridge. Not a full view of Manhattan but a great view of nonetheless.


11/14/2008 10:31:41 AM #

One of my favorite views is from Sunset Park, where the Manhattan skyline and the bay are spread out before you, and behind you, people from the neighborhood are ballroom dancing in the little plaza.