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Freewheeling Ways

Nov 12, 2008 12:01 PM | 1 comment

There’s gridlock on Brooklyn’s bridges, but it’s not on the roads. According to the Daily News, the number of bike riders crossing all three bridges has increased since last year. The Manhattan Bridge has seen a 70 percent increase, while the Brooklyn and Williamsburg bridges have seen sizeable increases of their own. And this is all happening as the weather gets cooler, which is normally a time when the number of bike riders begins dropping.


Why is this happening? Maybe it’s the looming threat of tolls on the East River crossings. Or, the fact that there are more bike paths and safety measures now. But I say it’s the troubled economy. Why bother shelling out money for gas or subway fare when you can just hop on your bike and get to your destination, faster and a whole lot cheaper?


If you’re one of those thrifty bike riders, you might want to also save some money by going to your library. You’ll only need to take out your wallet to grab your ABC card for access to our collection of books, DVDs, magazines, eResources and so much more.
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11/13/2008 2:58:09 PM #

Cooler weather is far better for cycling in -- you don't sweat as much!  And as for related books, I highly recommend "The art of urban cycling : lessons from the street" by Robert Hurst, as well as "Urban bikers' tricks & tips : low-tech & no-tech ways to find, ride, & keep a bicycle" by Dave Glowacz.