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Neighborhood Know-It-All: Bright Lights, Big Borough

Dec 19, 2008 10:53 AM | 1 comment

Welcome to the holiday edition of Neighborhood Know-It-All. We asked our staff in 60 neighborhood libraries, “Where’s the best place to take in the holiday lights?” If you know anything at all about this topic, you won’t be surprised that Dyker Heights won in a landslide.

“No comparison!!” said one staffer (double exclamation points are his). Here are the top three: 

1) Dyker Heights: “Completely over the top ... 82nd to 84th between 11th and 12th Ave have the best displays ... fun, funky and family oriented ... it’s like Disney World.” 

2) Bay Ridge: “Great displays for children, such as lights, Santa Claus, snowmen, etc.” 

3) Flatlands (tied for third): “There might be an entire block where the homeowners took the time to really decorate their houses.” 

3) Mill Basin (tied for third): The best spot is “behind Kings Plaza.” 

3) Grand Army Plaza (tied for third): “Tasteful and ecumenical.” 

Did your neighborhood make the list? Do you think it should have? Let us know! 

Have a happy, healthy—and bright!—holiday season.


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12/20/2008 3:39:59 PM #

Brooklyn should make a brochure listing of places (streets and particular houses) that put out decorations for all of the holidays.