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Next Stop, CHANGE!

Jan 16, 2009 9:39 AM | 3 comments
Hey No Shushers, M-Gran here. Ok so a three-day weekend is right around the corner. What’s on your agenda for the weekend? Because I consider you guys my nearest and dearest, I feel it’s only right to share my weekend plans. I, like 2.5 million other people in America, am en route to Washington D.C. Yes, No Shushers, this weekend we not only celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we also celebrate the Inauguration of our 44th American President, Barack Hussein Obama.

Looking for a place to watch the inauguration, you can make your way over to Central Library’s Dweck Center for the live broadcast starting at 10AM. Don't worry: if you plan on feigning ill, or playing hooky from work, your secret is safe with Brooklyn Public Library.

How do you feel about our new president?

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1/16/2009 5:22:47 PM #

What if you work for the Brooklyn Public Library?  Can we watch too?


1/19/2009 10:51:11 AM #

why don't you post this event on the homepage?  i'm sure people who might not see this blog would be interested in watching


1/20/2009 10:06:23 AM #

This event is for staff, so Jen, come on down to the Dweck, or 2nd floor meeting room. If there is additional room, it may be possible for patrons in the building to watch, but we don't have a large capacity, so we decided not to post this on the homepage as a public event.