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Brooklyn in The House… I Mean, News

Jan 28, 2009 11:23 AM | 0 comments
Brooklyn’s all over the media recently, and for good reason: it rocks. I don’t mean that it rocks because of all of the hip new music venues. I mean it rocks because good things are happening here. NY-1 ran a piece yesterday morning on the Brooklyn Bridge Park renovation. They broke ground this month on a portion of the project, which will make our borough even greener, although some are unhappy about plans for residential development in the plan. There’s a town hall meeting on Thursday; get more information at their website. 

Yesterday's M.U.G. (which stands for Manhattan Users’ Guide even though it covers all five boroughs, and more) has a piece about a possible historic residential district in Billyburg.  

Local blog covered the Mayor’s visit to Brooklyn College last week, when he gave a shout-out to BPL, and its forthcoming (green) Kensington Library. Bigger news, though, is that Kings Highway Library is scheduled to re-open after renovations this summer. The picture shows the grand opening of Kings Highway Library back on October 12, 1954.

And as always, we have good things happening here, too. Check out our Facebook page for some upcoming events (and fan us while you’re there!)
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