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How to Run Brooklyn

Jul 20, 2009 11:04 AM | 0 comments

Now that all that rain is gone, isn’t it time you get back to your fitness routine, or finally start the one you’ve been talking about all year? No more excuses! There are lots of great places in Brooklyn for walking or running that will make you forget the physical stress. Here are our staff’s top three picks:


Prospect Park

“There are many different paths and lots of like-minded people, which can also be a safety feature.”

“It’s like being in a forest.”


Shore Road Park/Verrazano Bridge Promenade

“The view of the Verrazano is amazing, and the path is wide enough to allow for runners, walkers, bikers and the rest.”

“Beautiful water views of the Verrazano Bridge, Statue of Liberty and Manhattan skyline.”


Brooklyn Bridge Promenade

“You can get in people-watching and great views while you burn calories.”

“It is relaxing, and no bicycles get in the way.”


Ask your librarian for books on how to get a fitness plan started, or about how to make the most of your routine.

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