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Shake it Up, Baby

Aug 26, 2009 9:09 AM | 0 comments

August has sure heated things up weather-wise, but when you can’t get to a pool or a beach to cool you down, a milkshake works nicely. With so many comfort-food spots around the borough, you can find one anywhere from Bay Ridge to Brooklyn Bridge. So here are our staff’s picks for a sweet treat.


Hinsch’s Confectionary Shop in Bay Ridge. This old-time soda shoppe makes their milkshakes with “all pure ingredients.”


Junior’s “has so many flavors and variations of milkshakes, egg creams and ice cream sodas there’s no need to go anywhere else.”


L&B Spumoni Gardens is best known for their grandma slice, but apparently the chocolate chip cookie dough shake is top notch.


The Moxie Spot, a new family-friendly diner on Atlantic Avenue, makes a vanilla milkshake that’s "super smooth and creamy."


Tom’s Diner in Prospect Heights is also a Central Library staff favorite. This old-school diner has all the 50’s-style treats you seek, including a killer black -and-white milkshake.


If you prefer to enjoy your milkshakes at home, check out our cookbook selection, which has titles on frozen desserts and more. (Or visit the Wimpy Kid ice cream truck at Central TODAY, the 26th, from 11AM-1PM to get your frozen treat on.)






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