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Workin' 9 to 5

Nov 2, 2009 2:14 PM | 0 comments

Though economists may say that the recession of 2009 is over, the unstable job market still indicates that we’re still not in the clear. If you’re unemployed, on the market for a new job or just in need of career change, Brooklyn Public Library has just what you need to get you off the couch and into a career.

Each week BPL offers a host of programs all geared towards helping you achieve your professional goals. Whether you’re in search of resume writing assistance, or interview prep, visit your local library for tips and tricks to help you get the job. While you’re there, check out these programs:
Prepare for a Job Interview Online

Job Search Help in Spanish 

Job Search Help in Chinese 

Where the Jobs Are: Using LinkedIn to Find a Job 

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