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Cut it Out

Nov 12, 2009 2:14 PM | 3 comments

As you may know, Governor Paterson has called the New York State Legislature into Special Session Tuesday, November 10, at noon to consider his proposed $3 billion mid-year State Budget cuts. Included in the governor’s Deficit Reduction Program (DRP) is a 10%, or $3.4 million, cut in library aid.


Libraries across the state have already sustained an $8 million reduction in funding imposed at the start of the Fiscal Year 2009-2010, and a $3 million reduction in 2008-2009. Should the Governor’s proposal be adopted, funding to New York State’s libraries would drop to $88 million, the same level as in 1998. 


In the current State fiscal year, BPL has already sustained a $539,000 (or 7%) reduction in funding over the previous year. And, in 2008-2009, BPL sustained a $215,000 (or 3%) cut in State funding. 


Please take a brief moment to contact your state legislators to urge them to reject the governor's proposed cuts to library aid. The New York Library Association has created an online advocacy center that allows you to conveniently send a fax or an email directly to your representatives in Albany asking them to reject the governor’s proposal. 

Thank you for your advocacy and support.

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11/12/2009 4:54:38 PM #

please don't cut the library money.


11/13/2009 9:29:25 AM #

Hi Svitlana-
We don't want library money cut either. That's why we hope you'll write to your elected officials to tell them the same thing. Information on how to help can be found here:

Thanks in advance for your support!


11/13/2009 2:07:57 PM #

We need public libraries, and more so now than ever, when people have fewer private resources to access books and other media.  Please don't cut the library budget.

Barbara Abramowitz