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Season’s Viewings

Dec 7, 2009 2:41 PM | 0 comments

If you ask me, holiday memories are made up of two things: the real times you’ve shared with loved ones, and the times that feel real, even though they’ve only been shared through the glow of your television. We all have a favorite holiday movie that we watch every year.

The writers at No Shush Zone wanted to share our favorites with you, and remind you that you can borrow these (and all other DVDs) from your library for free! Happy watching! 

Able recommends: Trading Places

It’s not exactly a holiday movie, but watching Dan Aykroyd stuff an entire smoked salmon into his Santa suit makes me misty.


Anthony recommends: When Harry Met Sally

I know it’s not your typical holiday movie, but I’m a sucker for this tale of two people who find love during the holidays. To this day, I’ll quote its hysterical lines.


Jeanie recommends: It’s a Wonderful Life

Perhaps it’s a stereotypical choice, but this movie has always been one of my favorites for the holidays. So many classic scenes, and a pro-working class, anti-greed message that never goes out of style! Get it from the library instead of watching it on TV, and avoid the endless commercial interruptions.


M-Gran recommends: Frosty the Snowman

Once a year, every year, I get this warm fuzzy feeling inside as I watch this movie and relive the days of my youth.  

Sarck recommends: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The original 1966 animated version is a must-watch in my household every holiday season. With dazzling cartoon-contraptions every kid wants, a sinister-sounding (but irresistible) score sung by Boris Karloff that teens can appreciate, and nostalgia oozing out of every Who in Whoville for adults, this is a half hour of fun for everyone.



And check out these other titles that we all love:

A Charlie Brown Christmas   


The Nightmare Before Christmas  



Shalom Sesame 

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