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New Year’s Resolution Solution #3: Eat, Drink, but Be Healthy

Jan 22, 2010 11:01 AM | 1 comment

Two of the top ten New Year’s resolutions are to get fit, and lose weight, according to We can help you meet those goals by reading the below books with healthy-eating tips, heart-smart recipes and exercise.* There’s no time like the present; place a hold or pick up your copy today.

1) The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged: Lasting Fat Loss That's Better Than Ever 

 This book offers in-depth information on exercise, staying motivated, getting rid of cellulite, tightening the skin and combating the effects of menopause. Includes recipes, information on eating disorders, menu plans and more.

2) So Easy: Luscious, Healthy Recipes for Every Meal of the Week 

A Food Network host and author of The Food You Crave provides 150 easy-to-prepare recipes that tackle every mealtime solution -- including simple grab-and-go breakfasts, cooler-ready lunches, dinners in 30 minutes or less and easy desserts.

3) The 7-Day Energy Surge 

Learn how to improve energy levels and overcome common challenges like fatigue, headaches, and depression through a customizable week-long cleansing regime and lifestyle program based on energy-positive habits.

4) The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet 

A vegetarian Hollywood star shares her three-part meatless, macrobiotic program for better health, offers anecdotes and motivational tips and features almost 100 recipes.

5) Prime-time Health: A Scientifically Proven Plan for Feeling Young and Living Longer 

The renowned physician known for his parenting guides and the website presents guidelines for healthy aging and offers insight into how to delay age-related changes by balancing key body systems.

* These titles were chosen by Jay Filan, a librarian in our materials selection department.


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2/10/2010 2:19:20 PM #

I love that The Eat-Clean Diet is on this list and that it's #1. As a  dietician, I often recommend this book to my clients, the concepts are great; think, 'If I don't know what all the ingredients are on a label, then why would I put it in my mouth!'

EVERYONE should eat clean and eat like Tosca tells you to on The Eat-Clean Diet. Really it's much more like a lifestyle than a diet!