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Reading Lives: Disillusionment & Enlightenment

Feb 25, 2010 11:45 AM | 0 comments

What could be better than reading excellent, pivotal novels such as Of Mice and Men and Miss Lonelyhearts? Discussing them with fellow readers and a literary scholar! Central Library is hosting a book discussion series over the next three months, lead by Morris Dickstein, Distinguished Professor of English at the Graduate Center, CUNY, and author of Dancing in the Dark: A Cultural History of the Great Depression.

The theme for this series is Disrupted Lives, and features five distinctly American novels. If you’re looking for a chance to go deeper into some artful books and gain unexpected insights into American culture, now is the time! Here are the first two titles and meeting dates in the series. Next month, No Shush Zone will feature Morris Dickstein himself! 

March 3: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

March 24: Miss Lonelyhearts by Nathanael West


Don’t forget, there are all kinds of book discussions happening regularly at libraries across the borough.

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