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Here's to Your Health!

Apr 29, 2010 3:21 PM | 0 comments
Brooklyn Public Library is having its first regional health unconference - HealthCampNYC: Using Collective Knowledge to Improve Health Literacy and Community Health. HealthCampNYC is a regional health unconference for librarians, literacy professionals, public health professionals, medical professionals, community-based organizations and people interested in sharing with and learning from each other.

Participants at HealthCampNYC will be expected to share their work, skills and knowledge as active participants. In the rich tradition of unconferences, attendees will determine and manage program topics and sessions. Sessions may include (but are not limited to): how-to workshops; debates; or problem-solving sessions. This collaborative environment presents unique opportunities for learning, sharing, and relationship-building.
HealthCampNYC is on Friday, May 14 from 9 AM-5 PM at Central Library. Register now!


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