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Mouth as Lethal Weapon

Jul 22, 2010 9:50 AM | 1 comment

It’s been a bad week, brought on by a Year of Living Dangerously, for Mel Gibson. He might have reconsidered unleashing a verbal Apocalypto on former lover and mother to his daughter Oksana Grigorieva if he’d realized he was being taped.

I’m sure he regards the release of the tapes as a Conspiracy Theory against him—which would be the appropriate reaction of a narcissist. (David Brooks recently described Gibson as such in a New York Times editorial.) Whatever the diagnosis for Gibson’s maniacal behavior, it’s clear he doesn’t know What Women Want. The Signs are everywhere that his career might at last suffer from this latest round of abhorrent behavior. It’s conceivable that an actor who’s young and dysfunctional might spend some time in jail over a DUI and see her acting career survive—but a grown man with domestic abuse issues bent solely on Payback might want to choose another line of work. Or retire.

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8/2/2010 4:09:35 PM #

Clever blog post.  I did put a hold on Signs and it came in right away!