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Libraries Beat Big Guns of Video

Aug 11, 2010 10:40 AM | 0 comments

Behemoths of the video rental world have stalked the land for ages now, but it is only recently that cracks in their "bigger-collection-lower-cost" veneers have begun to splinter. Citing a recent survey from the Online Computer Library Center, the Los Angeles Times reports that more people are borrowing DVDs from public libraries than from rental companies like Netflix, Blockbuster and Redbox. With the library's commitment to providing free and open access for everyone, one of the world's oldest institutions is still baffling--and beating--the mighty corporations of today.

If your block’s independent video store went the way of mine and many others’, take heart and browse BPL's online catalog, or visit one of our 60 neighborhood locations. There you will find an eclectic collection that includes old favorites as well as new releases like Avatar, The Runaways, Dear John, The Bounty Hunter and Alice in Wonderland.


Support your library; support your community; don't forget to stop by your local candy store on the way home.

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