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August! Yeah!

Aug 20, 2010 1:52 PM | 0 comments

Tomorrow marks the 51st anniversary of Hawaii’s entrance into the Union. As our comrades out in the Pacific begin to make merry, one gets to thinking: When it comes to occasions for celebrating, August feels like a dry month. Indeed, it would appear that what we’ve been left with are 31 heavy days with nary a holiday of which to speak. Headlines are elliptical, publishers won’t publish and Brooklynites everywhere are counting down the days to the start of school. But lo! The locals might be on to something.

Department stores and catalog adverts will soon begin to remind us that August is Back to School Month, and they will be right. Whether this inspires celebration or exasperation, the message is this: After a little enterprising research, it turns out that August is chock-full of reasons to gather a group of your closest friends and inflate some balloons.

Lovers of cheese, for example, will find it helpful to know that we are currently in the midst of National Goat Cheese Month! Spread it on a toasted panini and presto—you’ll be celebrating two holidays in one because it’s National Panini Month, too. This party is looking promising already.

For the more aurally inclined, there are endless ways to commemorate Audio Appreciation Month. Here at BPL, audio materials abound—from books to music to free concerts—and are conveniently available at all 60 locations. While strolling toward your nearest library, immerse yourself with pride in the surrounding din. If a grumpy cabby honks and/or swears at you for not paying attention, offer a wave and flash a smile, and Win with Civility—which August is also the month for.

What do Cleopatra, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe all have in common? Brace yourself, because they all died this month. History will identify the events of August as somber ones, and ask us to examine the lessons we have taken from them. It seems appropriate, then, that this month should be formally recognized as What Will Be Your Legacy Month. While pondering your answer, take some cues from the legendary characters that populate BPL’s biography section!

See, there’s no reason to let August’s bad reputation damper your summer celebrating. To start, find some brightly colored flowers, switch-on your slow-turning spit and imbibe with a Mai Tai while feeling thankful for the statehood that belongs to Hawaii—where Happiness Happens (yeah, August is time for that one, too!)

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