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Food is Magic, Food is Love, Food is Politically Incorrect

Aug 27, 2010 9:47 AM | 0 comments

Food is a recurring theme in movies, and this summer has seen at least two films that embrace this savory narrative ingredient. Eat, Pray, Love, the Hollywood-fueled hit, and I Am Love, an art house pick starring the phenomenal Tilda Swinton, follow similar stories: a woman’s journey toward self-realization by way of romantic and gastronomical awakenings.

We looked into what flavorful cinematic delights might be found in our own DVD collection, and there’s a menu to suit all tastes, from the most discerning palette to junk food junkies. Here are just a few of what’s available at your library.

Bon appétit!

Food as Magic:

Like Water for Chocolate
Babette's Feast

Bringing People Together:

Big Night
Soul Food

Empty Calories:

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Politics of Eating:

Food, Inc.
Super Size Me

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