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A Copyright FAQ for the Library

Jul 27, 2011 2:22 PM | 0 comments

This post comes from Melissa, a librarian here at Brooklyn Public Library.

Have you ever taken a photo, drawn a picture, written a poem, recorded a song, or posted something online? Or, to start with something even easier—have you ever looked at a photo or picture, read a poem, listened to a song, or gone online?

At the library, we know that people want to make sure that their creations are protected from unauthorized reproduction. We also know that people want to use the creations of others in ways that respect the creators' rights. So we have come up with our own creation—a video that goes over some basic copyright concepts.

Registering a copyright? Fair use? Public domain? Using images in homework assignments? We touch on all of these concepts, and more. The accompanying handout and resource list offer links to resources that will answer many more questions than this short video can resolve. Those additional resources also cover related topics such as piracy, publishing, and distribution.

Speaking of copyright, YouTube recently expanded the licensing options for videos posted there, and BPL is now among many creators allowing others to reuse their works via the Creative Commons Attribution license. So take a look, and pass it on.

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